Achievement focused and competency based learning. Individuals or teams operate as member of the hotels executive committee with a leading focus on revenue optimization. Hotels compete with each other in real time and within the realistic market dynamics of a competitive set of hotels. As in a real market, the competitive strategies and decisions of each hotel affect both its results and the results of all of the other hotels in the competitive set.  A hotel’s market share, revenue share,  and financial results depend on its ability to construct, promote, and deliver a competitive price/value proposition to the market.


1. Gather information about your hotel, the competition, and the market.
2. Form a competitive and operating strategy.
3. Make decision consistent with the strategy.
4. Review results, then refine and redo steps 1-3 for the next month of competition.



  • Strategic thinking, planning, and competitive sense in a dynamic market place with high financial potential  and  yet  perishable products.
  • Constructing a cost effective and competitive product which offers both market value and sound levels of financial returns.
  • The financial impact of daily decisions on monthly and annual business results.
  • Total hotel overview and how departments interrelate to produce business results.
  • Distribution strategy and Channel Management
  • Strategic and Tactical Optimization


  • Forecasting Rooms Gross and Net Rate
  • Channel Management
  • Budgeting
  • Optimizing Revenue
  • Targeting Revenue  Priorities
  • Managing Revenue Priorities
  • Competitive Response
  • Variance analysis
  • Financial Analysis
  • Displacement Analysis
  • Request for Proposals
  • Internal Measurement Metrics
  • External Measurement Metrics
  • Analytic pricing
  • Reputation Management


  • Financial Statements
  • Industry revenue metrics and  STR indexes
  • Financial ratios
  • Capital Investment
  • Cash Flow


  • Import STR Market Data
  • Trip Advisor Type Guest Comments

All hotel and market information can be easily customized to your learning and choice of market place.


Rooms Forecasting
Channel Management
Room Pricing – Gross & Net
F&B Outlet Pricing
F&B Costs
Capital Improvements
Request for Proposal
Displacement Analysis


Revenue Performance
Segment Contribution
Channel Contribution
Perceptual Mapping: Rooms, F&B,  Facilities
Business Summary
Balanced Scorecard
Revenue Variance
Financial Ratios
Rooms Market Segment Share
Food & Beverage
Other Departments
Rentals & Other Income
Reputation Management
Staff Competence and Turnover
Guest Comments
Trend Graphs


Summary Income Statement
Departmental Income Statement
Balance Sheet
Cash Flow Statement
Replacement Reserve

Full range of hotel configurations from Luxury to select service.
Gear configuration challenge for any level from student to experienced professional.

Use your own course or company parameters.
Decisions, Reports, and financials can be selected and de-selected.
Market demand and market contention factors are configured to suit.

Languages:    Available in English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Ukrainian, Arabic, and Portuguese. Other languages available upon request.

Browser Based:  No need for software installation or IT assistance

Compatible:       Works with all major browsers and operating systems.

Competitive:     Individuals or teams compete against each other for real results without any artificial intelligence.

Intuitive:           Clear and easy to navigate screens.

Embedded Guides:   On page pop-up help screens.

Service:             Full instructor training and award winning support included.

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